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Volunteers/ Observers/ Students

General Information for Volunteers/ Observers/ Students:

We appreciate your interest in Advanced Therapy Solutions! If you want to spend time in an outpatient therapy setting, please read through the following information. High school students, college students, as well as prospective PT/PTA and OT/OTA students are able to observe at our facilities. We also welcome volunteers and interns to our therapy facilities. We do have certain expectations of the students/volunteers/observers that we accept. Below, you will find more information on what to do next.

  1. First, you will be asked to come into the facility for a "meet and greet" session. This is where we get to know a little bit about you and learn what your expectations are. We will give you a tour of the facility and introduce you to our staff. We will also discuss some of our expectations of you.
  2. Next, we will schedule an interview/orientation to go over specific documents such as dress code, HIPAA confidentiality agreement, and facility policies and procedures. We will also discuss dates and times of interest for volunteering/observing.
  3. Once both parties agree that the requirements have been met, you can begin your official training.

*Hours will be determined by the facility's availability and the clinical educator.*

Different ways that you can become a part of the ATS team:

  1. Volunteers/Observers: We allow high school and college students to observe PT/OT evaluations and treatments so that they can become familiar with what we do in therapy. As a volunteer you could be asked to help out with clinical and administrative tasks, and perform some tech duties such as assisting PT/OT staff with their needs.
  2. Interns: Undergraduate college students can do an internship with ATS. We will need to know the expectations from the school and what the requirements are. The amount of hours will be determined by the clinic's availability to accommodate you and your schedule.
  3. PT/PTA or OT/OTA Prospective Students (seeking observational hours for admittance into program): Students will observe and assist their assigned therapist/mentor with daily duties.
    • PT/PTA maximum: 25 hours total
    • OT/OTA maximum: 20 hours total
  4. PT/OT Technician: This is an employment opportunity that allows the tech to work under the PT/OT staff. In general, duties include assisting staff with daily duties; which are included on our Duties and Expectations Form.

Who to Contact:

For more information on opportunities at our adult facilities, please send your request to

For more information on opportunities at our pediatric facilities, please send your request to