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Cybex Norm

Isokinetic Testing / Exercise / Rehabilitation

The Cybex Norm Isokinetic System is designed for neuromuscular testing and rehabilitation. This state-of-the-art equipment provides dynamic and static muscle loading and various programs for rehabilitation of the knee, ankle, and hip as well as the shoulder, elbow, and wrist.

The Cybex testing mode allows the physical therapist to obtain baseline objective measurements of the force output of muscles surrounding the joint being tested.(commonly referred to as torque) Cybex software analyzes and prints a comprehensive report which the therapist assesses and shares with the referring physician.

After assessing the data and determining the deficits present, the therapist designs and implements a rehabilitation program to improve the muscle strength and stabilization at the joint.

n the rehabilitation mode, the Cybex offers several modes of operation including isokinetic, isometric, eccentric and passive ROM. These exercises can assist in improving range of motion, strength, and stabilization of the joint. The system software uses on-screen graphics/sound triggers and visual feedback to motivate patients during the session.