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“My experience with the Advanced Therapy Solutions team was absolutely incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a more phenomenal group of people to share my journey to recovery with – people who not only cared for me as a patient, but as a person as well. I always looked forward to going to therapy every week and was sad when I had to stop going. I would highly recommend Advanced Therapy Solutions to anyone and everyone!”

– Mackenzie Morrow

“We have no doubt that one day, when our son can fully communicate, he will never be able to stop thanking ATS for what they’ve done.  Our time with ATS has been life changing and we are forever grateful for the dedication and hard work that goes into every single session. “

-The McGonnell Family

“I have had to use Advance Therapy Solutions several times because of surgeries.  I have to say they are the best, when you walk in the door and are greeted by Bonnie with her beautiful smile you know you are in the right place, I am partial to two of the therapists there: Jeff and Danni, they are amazing, they treat you like family and they really care about whether or not you are making progress.”

 – Vicki Graham

“Coming here helps me study better”

– T (age 12)

“Everyone at ATS is always so welcoming and friendly! I always notice how each of them truly appear to love the kids they are working with. This is an especially warm environment and a safe place for so many children.”

– Rhonda

“I had my rotator cuff repair and ATS was recommended to me by my physician and workers comp carrier to provide my physical therapy. I have only good things to say in reference to the staff and environment. I would definitely refer ATS to my family, friends or anyone that is in need of physical therapy.”

– Fran

“When I first tore my meniscus I felt like my athletic career was over but going to ATS they help me build my confidence back up as well as made my knee recover from the surgery/tear…that’s what I liked most, when you feel like giving up they make sure to help you through it. They never leave you hanging. It’s by far the best place to go to recover from an injury hands down.”

– Lemaja Glenn

“ATS Kids has tremendously helped our son since we began OT in 2011. The goals are set appropriately and he has made wonderful progress in the areas of fine and gross motor skills.”

– Sue

“The therapists assess our child’s needs and set measurable goals. She benefits greatly from the positive interactions with the therapists.”

– Evelyn

“We get to do crafts and puzzles”

– N (age 7)

“I want to commend the owners and staff at Advanced Therapy Solutions. I am under their care for the second time in the past two years and my husband was also treated by them in the past, as well as my sister who had ALS. Their customer service and patient care is second to none. They make you feel like family while at the same time providing a very professional and business-like environment. I highly recommend them for your therapy needs.”

– Connie Forrester

“Obstacle courses are my favorite”

– M (age 5)

“I am so glad I chose ATS for my therapy. The two ladies who treated me, Julia and Erin, were just fantastic. They were concerned, considerate, and very careful not to extend me beyond what I could do. They know a lot about what they do, and they knew when to hold back and when to push me along.”

– John Woods

“Our son Jackson has been with ATS Kids for over 4 years. During this time we have seen tremendous growth in him across all dimensions of his life, both at home and at school. Everyone at ATS Kids has contributed to Jackson’s success and helped our family navigate life with a special needs child. We love ATS!”

– Jennifer Swank

“I would like to commend Advanced Therapy Solutions staff for their dedication and professionalism. After a stroke and extended stay in the hospital, they have helped me tremendously in my recovery. Thank you, Heather and Julia.”

– Roger McCullough

“I am learning to be a better friend”

– C (age 10)

“ATS Kids is a great place for children to come, learn, and play! They offer a wide variety of activities and alternative learning concepts. The staff and therapists are always smiling and friendly but what really makes the place special is the children that are receiving the help and partnership they need.”

  – Joseph

“Thank you so much! I have my life back!”

– Barbara Pitts