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Industrial / Work Injury Programs at ATS – Spartanburg

A main focus of Advanced Therapy Solutions is the prevention and management of injured industrial clients, specifically relating to their safe and timely return to work.

Injury Prevention

Pre-Employment Testing – Pre-employment tests include those designed by eh employer, or Cybex testing, which is specifically designed to determine an individual’s physiological strength and range of motion. This assists the employer with job placement in work areas with high injury rates.

Physical Abilities Testing (Post-Offer Testing) – A job specific test based on data collected on site. This test is created by Advanced Ergonomics Inc. and provides data that will allow the employer to make a pass/fail decision on an applicant’s ability to perform the physical demands of a job. Data collection and actual testing are performed by ATS. PATs are legally defensible and can be used to make a pass/fail employment or return to work decision.

On-Site Ergonomic Assessment – Ergonomic assessments are performed to analyze and improve the fit between worker and workstation, instruction in safe work techniques and evaluation of tools, equipment and adaptive services. These assessments assist the employer in identifying high-risk aspects of a job and troubleshooting solutions to reduce these risks.

Job Task Analysis – This test is used to determine essential and non-essential job functions. This assessment is performed on site and quantifies the physical demands of the specific job and is therefore used to determine the critical demands of that job. This analysis assists the employer in writing accurate job descriptions that describes the physical demands of the job.

On-Site Education – This is tailored to meet the specific needs of your management staff or employees can may include:

  • Exercise and Nutrition
  • Body Composition and Flexibility Testing
  • Carpal Tunnel Prevention, Screening and Treatment
  • Back School – presentation / hands-on practice for workers
  • Identify Risk Factors in Workplace Injury/Prevention on the Job
  • Employee Participation in Eliminating Work Injury
  • ADA and legal Issues of Work Injury
  • Fitness on the Job – What You Need to Know
  • Fitness for the Busy Executive or the Frequent Traveler
  • Any fitness or weight management topic
  • Stress Management
  • Headaches – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Corporate Wellness – ATS is also able to provide wellness services that include health screenings (osteoporosis screening, body composition testing, resting metabolic rate testing, asthma spirometry, cardiac risk assessment, cholesterol and diabetes screening and skin condition analysis) and establishing wellness care plans for high-risk individuals. These wellness services could be used in health fairs to identify high-risk individuals and prevent costly medical occurrences. ATS will also assist the high-risk employee with a specific care plan to address his or her health risk.

Injury Management

Physical and Occupational Therapy – ATS provides post-injury and general rehabilitation methods designed to treat, heal and prevent further injury and disability of any clients referred for service.

Work Hardening / Conditioning Program – This program is designed to help the employee achieve a level of productivity that is acceptable in the competitive labor market. This progressive therapeutic program is structured to facilitate maximum functional ability and is preceded by a functional baseline test. When this program is completed, a functional capacity evaluation is performed to determine the client’s functional ability when compared with his physical job demands.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) – An FCE is a comprehensive and objective assessment used by employers, physicians and attorneys to evaluate an individual’s ability to function on the job. The ATS FCE offers standardized testing, objectivity and peer-reviewed research. The FCE focuses on several components to measure a worker’s functional ability for an eight-hour day:

  • Testing of clinical function (includes a muscular-skeletal screening that measures range of motion, strength and flexibility).
  • Testing of functional ability (lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, sitting, standing, bending, reaching, and hand function).
  • The client’s ability to maintain different work related postures are determined.
  • Overall functional cardio-respiratory conditioning level is also tested.

The ATS FCE is easy to read and provides the employer or case manager with a summary of the client’s performance using DOT physical demand levels. The FCE also describes the client’s ability to perform the required job tasks with measured data and graphs.

Cost Containment / Treatment Efficacy – ATS provides timely and standardized reports that concisely demonstrate clinical patient improvement. These reports will facilitate direct communication between ATS, the employer, the case manager and the physician, thereby achieving timely case closure.

ATS has an effective tracking and management of information system that allows us to offer detailed reports regarding worker’s compensation costs, trends, and length of stay in treatment, etc., to the employer.