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ATS Kids! Specialty Services

Interactive Metronome

The Interactive Metronome (IM) is the only research-based technology program that uses interactive exercises and a patented auditory guidance system to measure and improve one’s rhythm and timing. By improving this fundamental ability, the child learns to plan, sequence and process information more effectively. This, in turn, positively impacts a wide range of cognitive, coordination and behavioral challenges.

How does IM work?
Using headphones, along with hand and foot sensors, the IM precisely measures how closely a participant responds to computer-generated musical beats. Participants progress through a series of engaging, interactive exercises to systematically improve their timing, focus and concentration. Like training wheels on a bicycle, the patented auditory guidance system instantaneously provides feedback on the accuracy of each movement and encourages improvement.

Lindamood Bell Phoneme Sequencing Program

Designed to assist children in reading development, this 40-hour program uses multi-sensory stimuli to facilitate grade-level reading ability.

The program is provided by a Certified Lindamood Bell therapist, and clients can expect significant improvements in reading ability based on current research studies. Sessions are provided on a one-on-one basis and are scheduled daily for 10 weeks.

Specific Testing

ATS Kids administers the following:

  • Developmental Speech Testing
  • Developmental Testing (Peabody)
  • Coordination Testing
  • Sensory Integration Testing